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Smithfield Station

October 29, 2011

L and I found Smithfield Station through Living Social. I really can’t remember what we thought when we purchased the coupon. It probably had a lot to do with the free bottle of champagne we got with the room.

Anyways, Smithfield Station was all right. Smithfield is a very, very small town and this is probably one of the nicest places in it. The service was friendly and warm and the rooms were spacious and clean but not completely up to date. The pillows were bad, the bed hard, and the coffee terrible. Like extremely, extremely terrible. It does sit right on the river though and we had a lovely balcony that was great for reading Vanity Fair and drinking said free champagne.

Apparently Smithfield is famous for the Smithfield Ham, which the Station restaurant served lots of. It’s too bad we were too enamored with the seafood on the menu. The restaurant is, by and far, the highlight of this hotel. We ate there three times – no joke.

The first night was amazing. The service was fast, friendly and snappy with the water refills. You really can’t ask for much more.

We started with clams and oysters, raw on the half shell. L went with the Station Chowder served Hatteras style and I the Crab Soup. The crab soup was one of the only bad things we had there. It was overly salty and gelatinous. It needed more wine or sherry, less cornstarch, less salt. I could barely taste the crab. From there we split the seafood platter, which had a great array of fried seafood including scallops, lobster, flounder, shrimp – all cooked to perfection.

The second night was meant to be our last. We had a $40 gift card from the Living Social deal and we were stuffed to the gills from our lunch at the Crab Shack. But we prevailed and went down for a late snack including the seafood Caesar Salad, the shrimp cocktail and the special appetizer of shrimp wrapped in bacon with cheese melted on top. The seafood Ceasar salad was as incredible as the seafood platter. I never thought to put scallops on top of a salad. Turns out it’s delicious! The shrimp cocktail was nice – large prawns on top of a bed of fresh lettuce. The shrimp appetizer was great as well, although, I won’t lie, we could and should have done without it.

That night at the bar, as we prepared our goodbyes to this haven of cooked sea creatures, the trucker next to us filled us in our their Bloody Mary Brunch buffet. Good lord this place just doesn’t stop. The menu is large and with the wide variety of everything we tasted, I can say without a doubt that they do everything extremely well. (Except the crab soup.)

Needless to say, we did make it to the brunch buffet before we embarked on our outlet shopping excursion. (NOTE: NEVER a good idea to eat a breakfast buffet before shopping.) Of course the buffet was amazing, $15 with an omlet bar. Fresh waffles with lots of fruit and fresh whipped cream. Scrambled eggs, ham bones, biscuits, gravy. You name it it was there.

And on that note, I’m going to wrap this up before I embarrass myself any further. In conclusion – looking for a great, out of the way place to hunker down, eat every type of seafood you can imagine on the CHEAP AND go to some amazing outlet malls? Go to Smithfield, Virginia.

Check out the Smithfield Station menu here and all of their great yelp reviews here.


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