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Lincoln Park Tavern

November 6, 2011

Life left me in Brooklyn for about a week. And during that time it took me to Lefferts Park. Over the past few years I’ve gotten stuck in a rut, just a little bit, with the places I go. M and I have talked a lot about trying out different neighborhoods, which has taken me to DUMBO, branching out a street or two to Fort Greene or taking a walk over to Prospect Heights for Ample Hills ice cream.

Last Sunday, when C asked me if I would consider coming to Prospect Heights for weekly Sunday afternoon drinks I said sure. I imagined a lovely walk up to Vanderbilt and a lovely walk back.

That was short lived because then I found out we were going to Lincoln Park Tavern which was not in Prospect Parks but Lefferts Park instead. I was a bit excited to go to check out new neighborhood but also had that “really?” state of mind because it was too far to walk and it was way too cold for a bike ride. The train or the bus it was.

I opted for the Flatbush bus and was there in 20 minutes door to door. (Really very exciting for a Sunday.) What else was really exciting was that Lincoln Park Tavern is awesome!

Not being in Park Slope, Lincoln Park Tavern was actually a dive instead of trying to have a “dive feel” like most of the bars in my neighborhood. The waitress was sassy and funny. She had no qualms about easy dropping on C and I’s conversation and putting her two sense in. I know some may find this annoying but we tend to find our selves really amusing so anyone who wants to share that is ok by us.

The bar was slow on that Sunday except for a few dudes watching the game. Things picked up a little bit around 5 but still remained calm, family friendly and quick with the service. There’s a pool table in the back, the music was great the entire time and beer is an average $5. What wasn’t average was the food.

The Lincoln Park Tavern kitchen is shared with the Café Enduro, the Mexican joint next door. I think the same people own them. The food is decidedly similar with Lincoln Park Tavern acting almost as an appetizer because going next door. They had the usual burger, fries and wings. We went with the nachos with chicken on top. All of the bar bites were $9 or less, an incredible price when you think about it. The nachos were great, just what you would want after drinking whiskey for three hours. We were drunk and things were perfect.

More later on my experience with the Flatbush passenger vans and our dinner at Café Enduro.


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