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Southern Sweets Bakery

November 9, 2011 , ,

Life took me to Atlanta again last week and I’m hoping that was the last trip until Christmas. This lady is tired and needs to get into her fall nesting mode.

While work kept us extremely busy, we had a few moments to indulge. While it was unplanned, our journey in Atlanta food turned out to be a tour of what I ate when I was extremely over weight. I’ve talked a little bit about my weight loss this year but in the scheme of things it’s small potatoes. The year before I came to New York I managed to shed about 40 pounds if not more. I didn’t even look at the scale until I had been working at it for a while. But I digress. This trip made me realize why I was so heavy in the first place.

A major star in that timeline and on our trip was the Southern Sweets Bakery. As you can probably guess, when I lived in Atlanta I went to Southern Sweets just a little too often. But after one bite of their sweet, moist caramel cake I knew I would do it again in a heart beat.

After a long day, we wanted cake. T’s friends were pushing us to a cupcake place whose website was entirely too shiny for my liking. So I pleaded my case and then poked and prodded so we would get out and over to Southern Sweets before they closed.

Southern Sweets Bakery has been open to the public since 1992. The bakery/café is in the middle of nowhere to say the least. Back behind the Dekalb Farmers Market in the midst of an office park and whole salers for marble, Southern Sweets is a diamond in the rough.

Their amaretto butter layer cake is my favorite and one of the few things that I still miss about Atlanta. I’ve gotten over most of my cravings for Chick-fil-a and Sweetwater beer but this cake just doesn’t go away. The thick layer of white chocolate shavings atop the amaretto liqueur butter cream icing and moist, delicate layer of yellow cake….it’s every woman’s dream. From the first time I had it, I’ve wanted it to be my wedding cake.

They have at least a dozen other cakes in their resume along with rustic pies and tarts. The cherry pie is to die for, Brooklyn bakers would weep at its perfection. Never mind the red velvet cake that had C#2 swooning in the back seat on the way back to our hotel.

Their prices are low by New York standards so possibly a bit high for Decatur, Georgia. A slice of pie or cake comes in at $5.60 while a whole cake is $36.50. Did I mention that most of the slices are enough for three people? No joke, mine lasted me two days. It should have lasted me three or four but I was rendered unmovable by the comfortable bed at the Georgian Terrace and had no choice but to lie in bed and finish that cake…


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