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The Chocolate Show!

November 13, 2011 , , ,

Yesterday was The Chocolate Show! L and I went two years ago and it was pretty much the best thing ever. Samples upon samples upon samples – we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Well, except that we needed to stuff all of it into our ziplock baggies.

It took us two years to recover from that extravaganza. The people, the chocolate -it’s a lot to deal with. We were happy to be ready for another trip this year.

While the Chocolate Show is a fantastic experience, one of the saddest things is that most of the chocolate is not generally found here in New York. Our favorite from Comptoir du Cacao is only found at Zabars around the holidays. Even then, it’s mainly tastings and then it’s sold out.

Which is why today I’ll focus on the New York based – one bakery and one chocolate store, instead of talking about a dozen French chocolatiers you have to special order online.

The first being Salt of the Earth Bakery whose tagline is “Not you Mom’s cookies.” And that’s for sure. Every one of their specialties is paired and baked with a special ‘high quality’ sea salt. I had the joy last night, after digesting the half a cow L and I ate at Hill Country, of pulling out a bite sized sample of their Kona Brownie and the chocolate chip cookie.

As I lolled on the couch pants-less, in too much of a food coma to realize what I was doing, the brownie was a delightful shock to my taste buds. The Kona brownie is a mix of Kona espresso and chocolate. What makes it special is the salt, which was harvested from the Kona district of Hawaii. The oddly fresh fruit flavor of the crystals blends with the espresso and most importantly the chocolate.

You can find Salt of the Earth products at a few places including Garden of Eden, Newsbar and Beechers. Click here for a full list.

5th Avenue Chocolatiere was also a treat on the opposite end of the spectrum. A 37-year-old family business, 5th Avenue Chocolates has been handcrafting their goods the same way, every morning. It was pretty obvious that L has been hiding this place from me and for what reasons I will never know. As she talked to the guy about the importance of bringing back their caramel, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why haven’t I ever tasted their caramel.” But, one must have his or her secrets I suppose…

This is where you’ll go when you want something serious, like double dipped chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles, a variety of sizes of chocolate turkeys for Thanksgiving or a 16oz chocolate cruise ship. In other words, this place is awesome. And most importantly, the chocolate is fantastic.

Alright, I’m heading back to the couch. Happy Sunday everyone. Back to the grind tomorrow!


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