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December 1, 2011

Oh poor PSbklyn. Taking the gastro pub to the next level it not what’s happening here. I don’t understand where this place came from. The last time I was at this location it was a comfortable brunch spot with flowing mimosa’s with food that needed some work.

Now, apparently a spaceship from the suburbs has landed, installed TVs at every booth, planted videos games in the basement, turned the lights on high and stole all of the Brooklyn beers.I think Brooklyn Exposed had it right when they said “Here’s an easy way to understand Park Slope’s new PSbklyn: Gastropub meets Chuck E. Cheese meets Epcot center.” My only question is – this a good thing?

I’m sorry you have what bottled?

And the taps aren’t working?

Do you know where you are?

Oh the poor waitress. She was trying so hard. Bless her heart ticking off every domestic beer possible only to have L and I both say at separate times, “Ok, scratch that, whiskey please.”

I suppose its about time Groupon has failed us. We’ve been on a winning streak for too long.


The food.

The food wasn’t bad but unfortunately the atmosphere that was more suited for family time in the outer boroughs supplanted it.

We splurged and ordered the fried pickles. They were fine. Not the best fried pickles but lets be real. They are fried pickles – even the worst ones are great.

The PSbklyn 833 salad was good, fresh and big. We ordered the small plate of it to split on the waitress’s recommendation and she kindly had it split into two plates that were big enough to be our meals. Only problem is that it was swimming in the vinegar dressing that I’m having a hard time believing was blood orange vinaigrette.

The burger was quite good but also small. I thought “gastropub” burgers were known for being beasts of burgers, but this one, not so much. L and I went with the Luca – avocado, smoked tomato jam and Portobello mushrooms. It was juicy, flavorful and the smoked tomato jam was a nice touch. The bun was a bit soggy which is not surprising because I think they got them at the Key Foods. And no, they were not the fancy Key Foods buns that you sometimes splurge on when you’re grilling out at the Park.

But the service, the service was good. The best I’ve probably ever had in Brooklyn.

If only she took some of that time of being perky to pick up the slice of pizza that had clearly been under our booth for quite sometime.

Have you been PSbklyn? What was your experience?


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I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard similar reviews. I have a feeling they may not be around too long if they stay on this track. Though it’s nice that the service was good. How many times that isn’t the case?


December 5, 2011

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