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Naked Cowboy Oysters

December 13, 2011 , ,

This weekend was a doozy. Now, as I am thinking back, it’s no wonder that, for the past two days, I’ve wanted to crawl right into bed as soon as I’m home.

Tomorrow I’ll get more into M and I’s Long Island wine extravaganza. (It was quite the day!) For now, we’re going to talk about the first annual Beer Bar Fest L and I went to on Saturday. It was quite the marathon of a day. I knew it was coming, so mental preparation was in full swing by the time I got on the train Saturday morning.

It hit me on Saturday that maybe; just maybe I’ve fallen into a bit of a trap with all of these food festivals. They seem to be getting less and less thrilling and more and more generic. This one was fine, and we had a delightful time as always, but mainly it was filled with bars from Murray Hill and other places equally as unattractive. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few standouts (one really) but mainly it reeked of this whole “Oh, man, craft beer and expensive bar food is totally in right now! Lets get a bunch of bars together in one place to serve 20 different types of pork sliders and beer” vibe. And I don’t really like that.

It also hit me on Saturday that I am really freaking tired of pork belly. I swear, every bar had some sort of pork something. I get it but seriously, if you are going to serve pork beside 15 other vendors that are also serving pork, maybe you should try to oh I don’t know…make it good? And it’s just everywhere. I love bacon as much as the next girl but damn could we try another animal for just a minute? There are quite a bit of them.

After agreeing on the pork issue above, L and I managed to get our moneys worth out of the two completely awesome things there, the Naked Cowboy Oysters and the Taproom 307 thin crust pizza (paired with Victory Fest Bier).

The oysters were pretty amazing, some of the best I’ve had in my short life of eating oysters. The tall good-looking freckled man gave us a lovely tutorial on shucking after our 6th trip back to the table. It was very helpful for the next attempt at the oyster bacon beer chowder.

Naked Cowboy Oysters come from the Blue Island Oyster Company. They are wild, slow growing (taking three years to reach market size) and harvested year round, five days a week from the Long Island Sound.

It was kind of a delight-eating oysters so early in the day. I didn’t have much in me (food wise) and it was perfect for really tasting them. They were firm, large (3 inches in length), plump and had a wonderful briny taste to them. Hands down they were the freshest anything I’ve ever had in NYC. It’s nice to know these oysters are wild – oyster farms kind of creep me out a bit. The taste was inexplicably delightful and if I closed my eyes, I could almost imagine that it was 2007 and I was back on the South of France, not turning down the biggest oysters ever, fresh from the Mediterranean.

You can watch a delightful video featuring the owner Chris Quartuccio getting ready to go on a dive here. Naked Cowboy Oysters can be found at Philly’s Oyster House, DC’s Hank’s Oyster Bar, Grand Central Oyster Bar, Hog Island Oyster Bar, Buttermilk Channel and the Mermaid Inn.


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The Naked Cowboy sure gets around! Though I’m not sure how the oysters relates to his Times Square gig. Maybe he should be endorsing boots or underwear instead. 🙂


December 19, 2011

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