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Long Island Wine Trail

December 15, 2011 ,

Now that it’s Thursday, I think I can successfully say I’ve dried out from the past weekend. L and I’s Saturday extravaganza tied in with C’s Birthday that night, rolled into a girl’s trip to the Long Island wine trail on Sunday has had me a bit weepy and dehydrated all week.

Never mind the never-ending cheese belly I’ve had from cheese plate upon cheese plate at the wineries.

Not that I’m complaining…

It turns out, not all Long Island wines are bad! My previous experiences with New York wines in general have been pretty horrifying. No, I couldn’t tell you what I’ve had or where it was from exactly, but I can tell you the bad taste was still lingering on Sunday when we arrived at the Croteaux Vineyards.

And it diminished almost immediately with my first sip of rose. Lord was I pleasantly surprised.


We were in luck, M’s new BF G works at Macari Vineyards and gave us a great trail to follow that took us first to Croteaux, then to the Winemaker Studio, Lenz Winery and then finally to Macari.

Lenz Winery

While Long Island lacks the rolling hills (duh), and obscene mansions (yes I’m jealous) of the California wine country, it is charming and beautiful in a North Eastern way, which makes it accessible, comfortable and extremely welcoming to the average person. You don’t always get that in Napa.

Croteaux, my favorite for coziness, is a rosé only winery. I love rosé, it’s one of my favorites, but you will find that most wineries do not make it. Mostly rosé is a by-product of red wine, an accident at the first pressing. At Croteaux where it’s “Rosé on purpose,” the grapes are harvested early when they are at their peak, giving the wine a lovely light salmon color and a crisp bright fruity acidity.

The Tasting room is housed in an 1800’s carriage barn that is very cozy and perfect for small groups. Unfortunately they do not allow groups larger than 8 and you are not allowed to bring in your own food. They only offer cheese and bread. I suppose it’s a small price to pay for what I daresay is the perfect rose.


View from Macari Winery

M was not ashamed to drop G’s name, which gave us a delightful welcome at each place we visited. Needless to say we were pretty happy (and very, very toasted) by the time we got to Macari wines.

Sadly I don’t remember too much about the wines. I do remember the sunset, which was beyond beautiful. And most of all the warm welcome we received, as well as all of the other late drifters who rolled in 5 minutes till closing asking a for tasting. It was a beautiful winery, with a fantastic porch perfect for deer watching, weddings, eating cheese and of course drinking wine.


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