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Top 10 of 2011!

January 2, 2012 , , ,

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve came in with a bang. L and I actually went all out, which never happens on New Years. While we certainly paid for it, spending New Years Eve at Sleep No More and the Kirkpatrick Hotel was probably one of the smartest things we have done all year. The music was fantastic, the drinks flowing and the crowd was shining in gold and silver as per instructed. It was a fun and fabulous evening and I’ve never been to anything like it. Thank you New York City (and my checkbook).

Around 4am on Saturday night, as the N train lurched its way towards Brooklyn, I started to think about all of the awesome food I’ve had in 2011. It’s been a great year for food. I can’t believe all of the delicious things I’ve had!

While this is probably a bit late, here are my top 10 meals/places to eat of 2011. (These things should come on the 31st no? Oh well.) Of course I’ve been haphazardly constructing the list in my head for the past two days before I finally got them on paper but here we are! What were the most favorite things you ate in 2011?

10. Mangosteen, San Francisco. This Vietnamese restaurant sits in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. While I often give my brother a hard time for not branching out, I secretly don’t mind that we eat here every time we visit SF. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best Viet places I’ve ever been too. While the service is cold (really, who cares) the pho is piping hot and flavorful and it comes quickly. The brother and I have a delightful time reading our books over steaming bowls noodles and shrimp balls before venturing out into the often foggy San Francisco evenings.

9. Savoy, Soho. I only was able to eat here once before it closed. I respected their farm to table approach and I was excited to plan a work dinner here. While the price tag was a bit more than we initially planned for, every penny was worth it. The private dining area was cozy and welcoming, the food was top notch and the wine flowing – perfectly fitting the chilly April evening.

8. Eataly, I want to hate this place so badly but I just can’t. While it’s a pricey, ridiculously huge and busy with European tourists, every meal I have there is out of this world. From M and I’s late night pizza and pasta dinner to a girls night at the rooftop beer garden to our frequent lunch runs for focaccia and their prime rib sandwiches, Eataly is a smorgasbord of delicious Italian food so matter what you’re in the mood for. And when you think you can’t deal with the crowd? Grab a bottle of wine and find a quite corner until your table is called.

7. The Breslin – There are few things in this world that are as unforgettable as the Breslin lamb burger. While every meal I’ve had at the Breslin is fantastic and oddly enough always results in a waiter crawling under our table to try to even out the wobbling with a napkin or cardboard, the lamb burger is one of the best in the city. It is rich and perfectly seasoned on a house made ciabatta roll, topped with a thick slab of feta. The cumin mayo on the side is a must as well as the thrice-cooked fries that come on the side. Note: not for the faint of heart.

6. Seersucker – I haven’t had time to do a proper review of this yet so I’ll just give you two notes. 1. Get the pecan pie. 2. Make a reservation. More to come.

5. Christmas potluck – Yes, I know this isn’t a restaurant and it’s my apartment. Too bad. My friends rock and this meal was unforgettable. See the full menu here.

4. The Crab Shack, Smithfield Virginia.

3. Gotham Bar and Grill – I was excited to eat here with my parents. It was a delightful lunch, accentuated by my burger topped with a healthy dose of black truffles. Is there anything more decadent and New York than that?

2. Char No. 4 New Years Eve dinner (2010). L and I ate here last year for New Years eve. Remembering it is what actually what kick started this little list in the first place. The meal was perfect. Hazelnut-bourbon soup with truffles, kobe beef tartare with black truffle, poached lobster with wild mushroom, charred leeks, toasted sweet corn and a ginger broth. Never mind the roasted pineapple cake with coconut-lime sorbet and candied macadamia nuts. Talk about rolling the New Year in right.

1. Vinegar Hill House (duh)


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