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Gazpacho with Honeydew

September 12, 2012

To say it was a hot summer night when M and I made this would be putting it lightly. It was one of the last dinners in my old apartment in the middle of the summer. Even with the AC cranking and a thunderstorm brewing, sweat dripped.

Why we braved my apartment, I can’t remember. There we were nonetheless, chopping, pureeing and then sweating on the couch, letting True Blood torch our brains with this seasons’ ridiculousness, while we waited for the soup to chill.

Before we go on with the recipe, I would like to preface it by saying I don’t like tomatoes. But I liked this soup. The result was a sweet, tangy concoction that only got better after a day or two. The death defying garlic from my brother’s garden added a nice underlying kick right before the melon rolled in and cooled everything down. This is the perfect summer soup and lets face it, early fall. The tomatoes are in full bloom and from the looks of the farmers market this weekend, they’re not going anywhere for a bit.

We only let it sit for about 45 minutes before we dug in. I would recommend making the night before you want to eat that way it’s perfection when you’re ready to dig in. 

The original recipe is from Food52 chef debbiek which you can see here. As the notes say, it is important to puree everything individually and not together. You’ll get a mushy mess which is no fun! Of course we couldn’t find the peppadew peppers the original recipe calls for so we just added another bell pepper. It was FINE. But let me know how it goes if you can find peppadew.


  1. In your food processor, pulse each of the vegetables and the honeydew separately until the pieces are small and uniform—if you do them all at once, you’ll end up with a mushy mess. (You can put the pappadews in with the bell peppers, and I’ve been known to toss the garlic in with the red onion instead of mincing by hand.)
  2. After you process each one, put it into the largest bowl you have.
  3. Add the garlic (if you haven’t already) and the remaining ingredients.
  4. Stir to combine, cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit for several hours, stirring occasionally. This is much, much better after it’s had a nice long rest.



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