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Chocolate Show!

November 12, 2012

Yesterday, L and I made our anticipated trek to the New York Chocolate Show. We skipped out on 2010, feeling as though it was lacking a bit and just needing a break from the overwhelming amount of food festivals we found ourselves immersed in.

This year, we were back. We spent the summer eating like normal people, not fools lined up at a trough. We felt good about a little visit to the Chocolate Show!

This year felt much, much smaller than previous years but the vendors were excellent focusing mainly on New England state and French products. I’m not sure what’s up with the lack of Belgium and German chocolates. I found that to be a big missing link but it could be because most of those products are already readily available in the states while most of the vendors at the Chocolate Show are not. (Thoughts?)

Again, as in 2010, we found the Salt of the Earth Bakery to be one of our favorites. They had clearly expanded their product line offering 4 different brownies and three different cookies. The “OMG” brownie was a clear winner (for me) with the thick, delightful river of caramel running through the middle. The brownie is cooked a bit darker, enhancing the nutty notes of the chocolate. The Fluer de del gives it the right balance of salty and sweet. You may be tempted to call it the best brownie ever after a taste.

The only problem was that the attendants of the table were so good at telling everyone about their product it was hard to get their attention to actually BUY something. So instead we focused on the samples…

Hudson Valley Chocolates was also there. I had never heard of them before but the chocolate peanut butter bar with crispy rice as right up my alley. Creamy with a nice crunch – this bar is something I could eat 20 of everyday. And at a $5 price point, it’s not too much to NOT buy but it’s also enough to know that I should eat frivolously.

Stephanie Glaisek, a French-American chocolatiere, makes all Hudson Valley Chocolates. Her background, which you can read about here, shines through in her products, which are exquisite, yet approachable confections. Her line of products ranges from bonbons, chocolate bars, caramels, and Petites Tartes. The Petites Tartes are made from scratch and are made to order.

L and I also indulged in Magnolia’s Fudge. Their penuche (brown sugar) was a buttery concoction that will be reserved for my sweetest of sweet tooth days. (They have no website and there are about 500 Magnolia fudge’s popping up on Google…)

Did you make it to the chocolate show this year? What did you think?


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How did I not know this existed? Marking my calendar for next year–thanks!

Brooklyn Locavore

November 12, 2012

Hahah these things just slip by us sometimes!


November 12, 2012

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