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Waste not Want Not – the China edition

November 24, 2012 , ,

I’ve arrived in Hong Kong and I’ve lost track of time – my mind in Friday, my body in Saturday. The flight was long but 16 hours and 4 terrible meals later; I arrived in one piece (body and mind) albeit a bit smelly.

For the next 3 ½ weeks I’ll be in Hong Kong and the Mainland, eating grandly and walking a lot. I’ve decided to switch the focus of the blog for a bit, the time away is long and I don’t want to lose track of what I’m seeing eating. I hope you enjoy.

Today was simple. I woke up at 4:30am and slept off and on until 7. A quick shove got us out the door in a painless amount of time and we were off to central Kowloon to explore Temple and Jordan Street. A few hours of exploration led us around a jade market, an even larger food market and a flea market.

The gods of Chinese lunch pushed us into the first place we saw with no written English. While I am always thankful for L, her Cantonese took things to a new level when a hot bowl of fresh fish noodles arrived within seconds. Never mind the milk tea which was swoon worthy.

A walk through the center of the food market gave us mangosteens, rose apples, peeled uncooked chestnuts and star fruit the size of my head. The side stalls were all meat. Pork, chicken, fish…waste not want not…entrails exposed to ensure freshness.

None of what we saw was particularly shocking even with the true sense of nose to tail on display for all to purchase and consume. For right now it seems that the asian population of New York has prepared me greatly. The sight of live chickens for the slaughter table do nothing to offend my sensibilities. And while I’m finding my reaction time decreased greatly due to jetlag, I find the Hong Kong people to be very civilized. And their trains? Beyond clean.

We also visited a Pakistani tailor but more on that and our Burberry replicas as time progresses.


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