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Dispatch – Day 5

November 28, 2012 , ,

It’s our fifth day in Hong Kong and I wish I could say that I’ve been adjusting to the time difference but alas, some things are more of a crawl than a race. Time here has been interesting so far and while on the first day I was confident on my ability to deal with all things intestine, I realize that my “western cultural lens” is a bit more engrained than I would like to think.

Dinner has been difficult. Still on the east coast time, I find the options a bit heavy and have been opting for more dessert, less noodle. 10am

HK time? Please give me all the noodle and dumpling you can dish up. As I adjust, I am fine with this. What I’ve eaten has been excellent and no, we have no plans other than to eat for the reminder of our time here.

The food and dessert has been excellent, minus an overpriced dim sum venture that left me feeling swindled and slightly abused. I am no stranger to surly service and even like it when it comes with efficient cost appropriate food. Forty dollars per person for dim sum is a bit too much for me (and should be for everyone else) regardless of the ‘history landmark’. Yes, I’m looking at you Luk Yu tearoom.

Yesterday we ventured to Yuen Long, which is a neighborhood known for its food. Initially, we decided on going for the stir-fried ice from Sweet heart garden specifically but a further look into this neighborhood delighted us with its food options. Right off the light rail we ended up at a teahouse reminiscent of an American diner. Me with stir-fried pepper noodles with steak and Linda with something else I can’t remember. We also got the curry fish balls (growing on me!) and the shumai. We walked around quite a bit until I grew cranky with the rain, indulging in more milk tea, taro custard tarts and other street food we had a hard time keeping our mitts off of.

I’ve warned the BF that it’s highly likely I will come back 20 pounds heavier…

PS. How are you liking the new camera?


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Yum yum!!! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to have milk tea and a taro custard tart right about now.

Caitlin/Blue Dot Jewelry

November 28, 2012

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