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Dispatch – Day 7 (?)

November 30, 2012 , ,

Ok, I think I’m finally getting it. It took me a minute but yesterday I woke up anew. While not exactly fresh faced – I believe my fathers’ exact words over video chat were “you look like shit” – I am definitely feeling much better. Seven hours of straight sleep were gifted me to after a day of the below goods. A beer before a quick dinner set my mind at ease and now I can say that I am officially in China…body and soul in one place and time frame.

We’ve been back to Yuen Long for more street eats. We started off with dessert, naturally. I have no idea what the below is called but both – delicious. I was jealous of L’s food once again, her waffle spread with peanut butter and condensed milk made me swoon. I enjoyed my little pull a part bread thingies; they were a nice transition into eating for the day.

L then moved into savory while I stayed in with the sweet. I enjoyed an iced silken tofu tea with pearl. Her – more shumai, fish balls and….. IDK what is the third? I can tell you that the peanut butter soy dipping sauce was yum.

When I was FINALLY ready for something real to eat, I went with the sweet and sour pork. Am I the only one in saying…who the F knew sweet and sour pork was actually Chinese food? I’m baffled. Between that and the kung poa chicken I saw, I don’t know right from left anymore…

We leave for Shanghai today!


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