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Dispatch – Day 14

December 7, 2012

So far this trip has been…a trip. I’m two weeks in officially, one week and one day to go. Over the week in Shanghai I found myself in a whirlwind of asian-ness unsure of what to do with myself. The tour, booked through L’s Chinese travel mafia connections, was 6 nights and 7 days. Transportation to all stops, 3 full meals a day, and all hotels were included – all for $340 ($200 + $140 in “fees”).

I wish I knew what to say but I remain speechless from our time in the mainland. The tour took us to Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, and back to Shanghai. The food varied in each stop, focusing on the local cuisine and the local artistry. The theme of the trip was centered on showing us something beautiful (i.e. Silk), giving us the history, ushering us into a store where we can buy said beautiful thing, then ushering us into an attached restaurant for the meal. And it was awesome….

I managed to only buy the items I knew I would truly not regret buying. Unfortunately that included buying a black pearl in Wuxi, a pound of Longjing tea, and numerous handmade silk items in Suzhou….I’m only in China once…right? Right!?!

I am ready to come home but currently sit comfortably in the white man business hotel district in Bejing for one more week. I’m pleased with the full kitchen, washer/drier, tub and wireless Internet at the Marriot Executive Apartments.  Never mind the gallons of water being sold downstairs. I can full hydrate AND wash clothes before I return home!

Here are some pictures from the Shanghai whirlwind. L has a lot more of the food, I don’t know what I was thinking during most meals. A few items of note… Salted Duck. Poor man’s chicken. More on those later when I can research. Also, soybean milk made from actual soybeans. Yum Yum. Enjoy! More to come on Bejing if work doesn’t destroy me too much. Hugs for now, E









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