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Day 15 – Bikram

April 8, 2013 , ,

As of today I am officially half way done with my 30 Day Bikram Yoga challenge. I hadn’t thought to write about it. I also hadn’t thought about the onslaught of physical and emotional turmoil my body would encounter as I delved deeper and deeper into my yoga practice. So here I am.

The 15 days have been difficult. The last five more so than any of the days that came before it. I woke up Monday fine but class left me fatigued and dehydrated from a bit of Sunday afternoon beverage fun. The class left me weepy. Panicky. Questioning. I didn’t know what to do with it.

So I drank some water.

And then I drank more water.

Rinse and repeat.


Friday. Day 15 gave me confidence I could finish the last 15. I was a bit distracted throughout the class, but I worked strong. And when the backbends came up, I finished stable and not weepy. The panicky component of Monday – Thursday left me and I left…lighter. Thank you Bikram.


I decided to do the 30-day challenge quickly. I needed some balance. I needed structure to my diet as I entered a particular harrowing work month. I wanted to get better at standing head to knee. Most of all, I needed…time. And if Bikram gives you anything, it gives you time. It gives you 90, sweaty minutes of it. Ninety, sweaty minutes of you staring yourself in the face asking “why god why?”

I joke, but the Bikram practice; my Bikram practice has become my church. It’s given me patience, solitude, and a peace of mind. It’s given me confidence in the bigger picture, confidence in others around me and most of all it’s made me more confident.

And yes, all this led me to dedicating myself to 30 days of 90 minutes in a 105+ degree room. Join me while I finish the journey?


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