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April 9, 2013 , ,

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I had every intention to write about my 30 days of Bikram yoga but sadly, I found that just adding yoga to my schedule this time of year was enough to cause me a heart attack. Never mind setting aside the time for blogging.

But now, as I (finally) find myself in the midst of a quiet Sunday morning, with no urgency, I am slowly but surely contemplating my 31st day of Bikram. I am also realizing why most who do blog about their 30-day challenge only periodically check-in. It takes up a lot of your freaking time! Between a 9-10 hour work day, 90 minutes of class, trying to feed yourself something that won’t make you nauseous, seeing your loved ones and making sure you have dry CLEAN clothes for the next day you are barely left with a minute to breathe.

Regardless, here I am. Breathing.

To sum up my entire experience, I can break the 30-day challenge into 4 different parts.

Part 1
The first 10 days were a piece of cake. I got this, I thought.

Part 2 Days 10-20
It was somewhere between day 10 and day 13 where I started to feel as though my body was falling apart from the inside out. I am very flexible but it was in this time period where I felt like every class was my first. It hurt to touch my toes. Every day between day 10 and day 20 was something different. One day my toes hurt. Another, my shoulders. And another my wrists. Day by day the yoga worked through me – healing, detoxing, aligning. Or at least that’s what I was telling myself. This lasted up until about day 20, which is right on par with what the teacher estimated.

Part 3 Days 20-26
Around day 19 or 20, the pain stopped, but mentally I was a mess and I wanted it to stop. I needed to not wake up at 5:45 for once. I needed to not carry a 10 pound bag filled with soaking towels to work. I needed to not have to wash my hair, for once. But I kept going. Work is driving me insane and the only thing I kept thinking was “Imagine what I would be like if I wasn’t doing 90 minute of yoga in a 110 degree room every morning…”

This is also when the amount I was sweating doubled. I found it impossible that I could sweat MORE but it turns out, it happens. The heat allows you to work deeper which means your body is constantly working harder which means…you got it…more sweat.

Part 4 day 26-30 (31?)
Thing started to come together at the end. My body is sore, like after a good workout, and not in pain. My balance got better, my body more aligned, and my postures steady. I began to realize that this is something I can regularly put into my weekly routine…more than twice a week. I begun to not to want to punch my very fit boyfriend every time he jokingly said I just don’t understand why you don’t do it all time time and why you need a ‘challenge’. All positive steps!

Overall I can’t say that I got exactly what I wanted out of the 30 days. But, my initial goals were a bit shallow I suppose. I had certain hopes for certain postures and that was about it. I wasn’t expecting to learn better weight distribution. I also wasn’t expecting my skin to clear up so much – issues that I usually have to take medication for are gone. I also wasn’t expecting my body to tone up as much as it has. And day-by-day, I wasn’t expecting to renew my love for yoga as much as I had. I had forgotten what initially drew me to Bikram but now, after a 30-day love fest, the realization of why I go has become clearer and stronger than ever.

So that’s that.

My busy, BUSY work season is almost at a close so I’ll be back in that kitchen soon enough. Stayed tuned!


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