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It’s time to talk about juicing.

May 24, 2013 , ,

Photo by Bob Fagan

Photo by Bob Fagan

If you read my last post, you can maybe guess that I’ve been doing a lot of it. Why? You ask? At this point, the first day off my (Breukelen Life modified) juice cleanse, I honestly couldn’t really tell you.

I mean, duh, yes cleansing was part of the idea. And yes, my weight is down, for now. I know these things never really stick for long. I did get one mean Bikram class out of it. So all in all, I gues things aren’t bad. Let’s call it a summer experiment only partially gone off track.


We have this puppy at the office. We call her Susie.

We have this puppy at the office. We call her Susie.

I’ve been a bit of a juice fiend lately, adding it into my daily diet. It’s helped that a few coworkers and I (very easily) talked our boss into buying an office juicer. The once, twice a week juices from the juice store have turned into a once a day kitchen fiasco with “the juice crew”. Everyone brings in something and then we juice. It doesn’t always taste great, but I know it’s doing great things for me.

In lamest terms and the only reason for juicing I really understand right now is that it’s great for adding more veggies into your diet. It is wayyyy more easy to drink a beet than it is to eat one. More veggies mean more vitamins. More veggies are also great for cleansing out the ole intestines and who doesn’t need that?

A juicer separates the digestible fibers from the bad, separating and concentrating all of the nutrients and vitamins into one compact punch. Often, after a juice, I get a head rush followed by an afternoon of energy. It’s become better than coffee and yes because of that statement I barely know myself anymore.

There’s often a debate in my world about juicing versus the nutribullet mainly because I juice and the BF has a nutribullet. I like the nutribullet and I’m not just saying that because he makes me morning smoothies but, a juice it is NOT.

The nutribullet is a high-powered blender and it too is awesome. The juice is much more filling and you get all the goods from the vegetables. To each his own and one day, in a kitchen much bigger than mine, I may purchase one.


For the juice cleanse we went with Reboot with Joe the three day plan. The juice recipes were fantastic and there are several different options so you never have to have the same juice twice. It’s also nice because unlike most juice cleanses, he actually has a DYI version.

The first full day, I was golden meaning that I almost made it the whole way through without passing out.

Physically I was a hot mess.

The detox?


Needing solids in my body?

Most definitely.

Since day one I have decided that juice cleanses are not for me. But I wanted to stick it through with R so I made my own modifications.

The second day, I added in one of these vegan granola bars from food52 and a big healthy salad a few hours before yoga. I kept up with the juice regimen and all things were excellent. And yes, things were actually really excellent this time.

The third day, a new headache struck and I was down and out again. I kept up with my alterations, subbing in the appropriate juice but things were just not working. Now looking back, I realize that I was most likely dehydrated from yoga despite the massive amounts of liquid I had been drinking. C’est la vie.

And that’s it folks. That’s it for the challenges and cleanses for me for the year. It’s summer, there is beer to drink, lobster to eat and there is just no more time for these things!


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