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May 29, 2013 , , ,


No cooking this weekend but there were plenty of good eats on my trip to DC!

I feel relaxed for the first time in probably months. So much so that I even improvised a pretty great dinner last night upon my return – Roasted Red pepper pesto on whole-wheat linguine with baked salmon. Yum!

Before meeting up with S for our bi-annual get-together, I got to see M (my old college roommate and best buddy) and her family for a day. It was delightful to catch up and to see once again how far we’ve come since college. It was a struggle to finish one bottle of wine instead of three. Whew!

Upon meeting with S, I had the most romantic time a girl could have with her gay bestie. We drove out to Ocean city for the night and kicked things off at Harpoon Hanna’s for brunch. While S contemplated the fact that the restaurant sat directly on a state line, I sucked down this bloody mary and dug into my spicy shrimp!


Afterwards, we had a studious time playing mini golf.


And then a one-hour nap turned into two…and a half. Afterwards, we took a nice stroll on the boardwalk amongst the Ocean City clientele, ate a bag of caramel popcorn in about two seconds flat and then took a ride on the ferris wheel.


For dinner we hit up the Reel Inn which had probably the best crab cake sandwich I’ve ever had. Baked – not fried! (Too dark for pictures.)

Our departure lunch was a real treat at the Crab Bag. One dozen steamed crabs, Old Bay fries and corn on the cob. We had to work for our food, I’m still picking crab shells out of my hair, but it was worth every bit of Old Bay stuck under my nails. My food high was sustained for two hours into our ride back to DC.


And now back to real life…


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