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Puerto Rico

July 20, 2013 , , ,

Coconut Pirate Drink at Villa Cofresi Hotel

It rained alot.

It rained alot.

I’m about three weeks too late in talking about Puerto Rico but better late than never right? It was my first trip in awhile where the complete focus wasn’t on eating and I’m shocked to say, I had a great time!

No, not really that shocked. I knew the trip would be great, we had fun things planned, and we actually did them and enjoyed each other’s company in the mean time. If you’ve never been the to Puerto Rico outside of San Juan, I highly recommend it.

There were well kept stray dogs everywhere.

There were well kept stray dogs everywhere.

The beau and I flew into Aguadilla and drove down to Rincon. We spent two days into Rincon checking out the beaches, snorkeling and cooking dinner at the beachside grill our hotel provided.

We had a great meal at La Copa Llena at the Black Eagle. It was right on the water and the food was incredibly fresh and well prepared.

After Rincon we drove to Luquillo so we could eat at the food kiosks and we could go to the El Yunque rainforest. The kiosks were not what we imagined. Well yes, some of them fulfilled the cheap, fried food and under hot lamps experience. But mostly we just thought it was a big strip mall of restaurants. We enjoyed the sit down places the most, getting hot fresh mofongo and margaritas (that could have used a little work).

Mt. Britton

La Mina Falls

La Mina Falls

You can read more about the kiosks here. Our hotel was able to recommend a few of the better stalls and we were happy to take her recommendations. Beyond hungry, hot, sunburned and in front of 50 food stalls is not a place you want to be.

The plan was to spend the final day in San Juan but, we had to back track a bit when the Camuy Cave tour we wanted wasn’t available until that final day. So, our last day, we got up a 4AM and drove to San Juan for a 5:45AM pickup for another 1 ½ hr drive to the caves. GAH.

I was not a happy camper and after I pushed my crankiness away, it was replaced with terror after I learned I would be not only zip lining but also repelling and jumping into caves. If you have read at least one other post on this blog, I think it’s safe to say you can see that I’m not really this type of girl. But I’ll try anything once and so I did.


Looking back on it now, I think I could have dealt without climbing over the rock covered in cockroaches and the water that I think is STILL in my ear. But overall, I’m glad it’s an experience I’m glad I had and I’m happy we didn’t do the typical tour. I can say, if you want to get over some other sillier fears in life, this is definitely the thing to do. You can read my review on the cave tour here.

Have you ever been? Let me know how your trip went!


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