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Hello Again.

July 14, 2014 ,

As I sit down to write for the first time in a year, I feel myself becoming itchy.

Facebook – open – close – open – CLOSE. Do I need coffee? Yes. Is that hunger? Should I make my smoothie now or later? It’s hot. Let me rearrange the fan. Do I need to pee? Without a doubt.

And on and on and on and ON.

It’s been a YEAR.

What exactly have I been doing for a year that would take me from the one thing I have always claimed to love?

Asking yourself questions is hard. The mind interrupts with thoughts of more coffee and I’m hungry and running water, etc and more often than not those questions never get answered.

But today, now that the time is quiet and I’ve calmed my itchy-ness, I’m answering those questions because really, the answers are easy and they are nothing to be afraid of.

I got busy and then well, I fell in love – twice.

I can see now, very specifically the time I stopped writing this blog and it coincides with when my boyfriend and I started talking about moving in together. How typical right? Girl falls in love, girl forgets blog… but it was then that the world started spinning and I wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into. It was also then when I started to admit I was falling head over heels.

Love is scary y’all.

The world didn’t stop spinning until January. It was after a December of moving, a Christmas with both of our families (together – YIKES) and a January of silence and unpacking that things finally stopped moving. At dinner one night, I looked at this man, across our kitchen table and plates that I’m sure were filled with fresh pasta and realized that I felt at peace. I felt silence and love and I was ok with staying like that forever.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

And because our love is the encouraging type, he wasn’t deterred when I said I wanted to sign up to do my 200 hour teacher training at YogaWorks and in turn losing every weekend for 3 months straight. He took it as a coup to have a yoga teacher girlfriend and went with it.

It was then that I fell in love a second time – with yoga. As someone who has been practicing for almost 10 years, I had doubts about what this training could do for me. My hips were just too big and my butt was just too wide to get into some positions. That was that.

No – it turn out that was not that. It turns out, yes I can hold plank for that long (which, in teacher training, is forever – FYI) and it is possible (sometimes) for me to do this (which I thought for be never ever, ever).
20140705_094117_resized (1)
The training was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I look forward to sharing my continuing education here on this blog.

So here I am. Still in love, but back. Awake. The fog is lifted and I’m ready to have my weekends back along with a cake or two here and there.

The focus here will be shifting a bit. I’ll be delving more into yoga and yoga philosophy. I’ll of course cooking and baking more with a focus on delving into my forgotten cookbooks. P and I also have a project in the works – coming soon!


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