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Sutra 1.2

July 25, 2014 ,


Sutra 1.2Yogas cittas vritti nirodhah

TranslatedThe restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga.

In Sutra 1.2 Pantajali tells us the definition of the yoga and the goal. Yoga is the quieting of the mind – it is the calming of the fluctuations of the mind stuff. If our mind was a lake – sometimes it has so many ripples it looks like a thousand rocks were just throw into it. Now imagine that lake clear, calm, peaceful with no ripples – that is your brain on yoga ☺ Sorry I had too.

It is said that if we master this sutra – we are able to master yoga.

Within the goals of yoga, changing the outside world is not one of them. It is not the world, or the things or the people within it that liberate or bind us. It is only our attitudes towards them that constrict us. So, to change our world, we must change our thoughts. If we are able to control our mind…our possibilities are endless and nothing will be able to bind us.

“The entire world is based on your thoughts and mental attitude. The entire world is your projections. Your values may change within a fraction of a second…. If we remember that, we won’t put so much stress on outward things.”

So that’s great and all, but how do I control my mind? Well a good start is the breath. You have certainly noticed at some point or another that when you work on deepening your breath or slowing it down, you immediately calm down? You are focusing on you, your breath and nothing else. Yoga is built on this. When you start to get stressed out on the mat, focus on your breath. You will begin to see things clearer – the ripples will smoothen.

Bit by bit we work on this, on the mat. The nice thing about the sutras is that is shows us that what happens on the mat, also happens off of it. It is a constant, continual practice. Eventually we will be able to control our thoughts so matter where we move.

This is especially a nice thought in New York where just walking out the front door is a constant battle. It is my hope that one day I walk out the door and feel a clear, blue lake with bright skies instead of being assaulted by the smell of garbage and a searing humidity. Everyday is a practice…

What do you do to help clear your mind?


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