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Sutra 1.4

August 22, 2014 , ,

Sutra 1.4 Tada drastuh svarupe’vasthanam

Tada=then; drastuh= the Seer; sva = own; rupe=in (Itself)color, in (itself) nature; avasthanam = abides.

Translation: Then the Seer (Self) abides in Its own nature.

Everyday human translation: Sometimes, after everything, that shit (Sutra 1, 1.2, 1.3) does not work and we think what we want to think. The vrittis, the mental modifications take over and we identify with them. We cannot be our true selves.

This sutra very quickly lets us realize that we let our mind easily control us and that it is very important for us to gain control.

So what then?

The idea is to let go of those ever changing, constantly fluctuating thoughts. The idea is to calm the mind. Why? Because behind a calm mind, we are all the same.

This idea is hard for me to grasp. If we are not what we are thinking – what makes up our being? If we cannot identify with what are we are – I am a woman, I like to cook – who are we? If our thoughts are not a basis for who we are instinctually, then WHO ARE WE?

That’s where I have to let go of that thought. I think back to the first three sutras and remember that our thoughts change constantly. How can we base who we are on something that is always altering? We cannot. And once we let go. Once we all let go – what do we have?


“We will have happy and harmonious lives. Only then can we love our neighbors as our own Self. Otherwise, how is it possible?…That’s why yoga is based on self-reformation, self-control and self adjustment. When this reformation is accomplished we will see a new world, a harmonious and happy world.”

If that’s not reason enough to keep a clear mind, I don’t know what is.

Happy Friday all.


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