The Breukelen Life

The Breukelen Life

Food, Yoga and Travel in Brooklyn

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Phase two

This blog, much like life, is constantly evolving. And you know what, I’ll take it. I originally started this blog with the hopes that it would become a community forum of sorts, but I realize now, that maybe The Breukelen Life wasn’t cut out for that. It took awhile but we’re realizing that above all else, we love our food and more so, cooking it.

And with that, The Breukelen Life moves into phase two. This blog is a story of my life in today’s Brooklyn however boring, fantastic, sadistic or funny it may be. There will be mainly food (obviously) and what happens when we come together to create something delicious.

While some call me a foodie, I suppose I shy away from that term. I do love food. But what I love more is how food brings people together. There is nothing better to me, than cooking and sharing a home cooked meal with loved ones. It’s my hope that you will see that too.

If you would like to contribute to The Breukelen Life, please contact me at emily.iso (at)

If you are interested in submitting your culinary product for a review please contact me at emily.iso (at)


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